sexta-feira, outubro 20, 2006

Wonder Woman...

Dearest Wonder Woman,

I wish we have met under less troubled skies, but there you have it; one never chooses time nor place for meeting people. As it is, it seems we are a world apart, no matter all the things we share, of which the world itself is the most important.

No two cats are alike, and this is even more so with people. I know you're not exactly human, but deep inside that tight and tiny uniform you are a woman. The difference is cats never overcome their own. Differences. As for people, chances are the more stubborn the less they find ways to understand one another; and we, my dear, are two very, very stubborn people.

I believe we live in the same city, but we could be living thousands of miles away from each other. Distance is not a metric factor between us; it's an ideological one. From that perspective, we might as well be living as far apart as Mars and Jupiter; however, none of us would easily be mistaken for a venusian. We're too passionate.


Anyway, you decided to move on to a more
intimate level of discussion, of which I'm
obviously excluded; a decision made out of
sympathy for those you know and know to
differ from. It's quite alright, really.
I will miss you, but hey, like I said to you before...

I hate to see you leave,
but love to see you walk away!

Nothing but love,

A Sombra

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5 comentários:

  1. To condElise, with love.

    (the deliberate omission of Uranus was intended as a gesture of good will)

    Nothin' but love for u, girl.

  2. O teu blog é sempre uma caixinha de surpresas! :))) Este post é lindo!!!!

  3. encontrámo-nos na mesma caixa de comentarios do instante fatal. temos bom gosto.

    gde beijinho,

  4. 100 nada:
    Esperemos que a destinatária do mesmo também o entenda assim. :)

    (nota fora da coisa: ainda me estou a rir da sequência do Óscar; acho que vou fazer um cartoon com a cena da banheira) :)


  5. Aanes:
    Querida Ana,
    Est'A Sombra permanece certa do teu bom gosto. E da tua natureza traquina e felina (keep in mind that "curiosity" thing, though).

    Beijo grande também para ti.